15th August 2019
Foam hand table numbers

Foam hands as table number decorations

Alternative use for foam hands #1 – Table centre decorations/numbers. These were recently supplied and we very well received: “Thanks so much for the foam hands- […]
3rd September 2019
Foam claw

Foam claws for Lynx ice hockey team

Aberdeen lynx ice hockey team recently updated their logo, and such we have created a new design for their foam hand merchandise for the 2019 season. […]
5th September 2019
Glasgow rocks full colour foam hand

Full colour foam hands for Glasgow Rocks

Merchandise for Scotlands #1 basketball team, Glasgow Rocks. Printed full-colour to match their branding and logo perfectly. The printed fabric surface allows anything you like to […]
2nd October 2019
Personalised wedding foam hands

Personalised wedding foam hands

Foam hands can add your colour, style, message and personalities to any blank canvas of a venue. Use them for games, get some team bride / […]
11th October 2019
Foam hands for open days

Foam hands for open days

The perfect way to make your marshals stand out from the crowd. This batch of foam hands is destined for use at Ravensbourne University’s open day. […]
15th October 2019
Kneeling pad for BOM

Kneeling pads for BOM

As a follower of the Bad Obsession Motorsport guys, it seemed obvious that I could help them ward off the effects of a cold concrete shed […]
14th November 2019
NFU High five foam hand

NFU High five foam hands

High five foam hands produced for NFU for their appearance at the 2019 Lord Mayors Show, they seemed to have gone down really well, there a […]
7th January 2020
Spifox red high five foam hand crowd 4

Red high five foam hands for Spifox

For the second year running we have supplied foam hands for the Spifox charity lunch and concert. The event always seems to have a lively and […]