Nicholson’s Freehouse Hands


Recently produced and despatched hands for Nicholson’s Freehouse. They choose to have a single colour screen print design on our standard 45cm hand, this is the lowest cost option we can provide for a printed hand and can work out very cheap depending on quantity.

High fives for Terra!

Terra high five hand 2 resize

Terra consultancy chose some foam hands to promote themselves at the Language Show Live. The two colour print meant that the logo could accurately be replicated on the foam and made the product more visually appealing. They said “The hands were great! Real attraction :)” and we hope to be able to supply them again in the future.  For more info please see

Double sided, double colours!

davJames Clay required a distinctive marketing tool to promote a new product. Using a two colour screen print we were able to accurately replicate the products logo.

Our Large 52cm hand was used to give as much room for the description on the reverse where we were able to get all the information that was requested in an clear and legible manner.